Welcome to the official HP of Yufukan Ukraine - Kiev Aikido and Martial Arts Federation in Ukraine. This organization is the official representative of Yufukan Japan Foundation (YJF)

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2nd International Aikido workshop
with Koji Yoshida shihan
in Takaoka / Japan
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International Aikido seminar in Russia (06/2018)
Date 08-10/06, City Sochi
This event will be hosted by Aikido Federation in Sochi.
Website: http://aikisochi.ru/
International Aikido seminar in Germany (06/2018)
Date 13/06, City Karlsruhe
This event will be hosted by Aikido Linkenheim (Yufukan Karlsruhe).
Website: https://www.aikido-linkenheim.de/
International Aikido seminar in Switzerland (06/2018)
Date 14-17/06, City Zurich
This event will be hosted by Dojo Alfons Lötscher (Yufukan Swizerland).
Website: http://www.dojo-alfons-loetscher.ch/
International Aikido summer camp in Spain (06/2018)
Date 21-24/06, City Bilbao
This event will be hosted by Escuela de Artes Marciales Horizontes (Yufukan Bilbao).
Website: https://www.yufukan.org/

Dan Aikido Aikikai grading examination in Ukraine

The examination will be planning to hold in Kiev dojo (08/07/2018).

Upcoming events 2018  >>  Schedule

Aikido summer camp in Kiev (Ukraine)
Aikido seminar in Istanbul (Turkey)
Aikido seminar in Budapest (Hungary)
Aikido seminar in Magnitogorsk (Russia)
Aikido seminar in Praha (Czech Republic)
Aikido seminar in Rakovnik (Czech Republic)

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