Welcome to the official HP of Yufukan Ukraine - Kiev Aikido and Martial Arts Federation in Ukraine. This organization is the official representative of Yufukan Japan Foundation (YJF)



Regularly Aikido seminar in Tyumen was organized by Aikido Federation in Tyumen Region (AFTR)/ Russia (13-15/06/2014)
 Aikido lesson for children, Dan Aikido grading exam and Kyu Aikido grading exam


International aikido seminar and Dan Aikido grading exam in Europe (09/2014)
20-21/09 Budapest (Hungary):
This seminar will be hosted by Yurusu Aikido. website:  www.yurusuaikido.hu
Organizator: Ferenc Nemeth, email: info@yurusuaikido.hu,
27-28/09 Rakovnik (Czech Republic):
This seminar will be hosted by Aikido Rakovnik. website: www.aikido-rakovnik.cz
Organizator: Marcel Burdych, email: marcelburdych@seznam.cz

Dan Aikido Aikikai grading examination in Ukraine 11/2014
The examination will be planning to held in Kiev dojo.

Upcoming events 2014  >>  Schedule

Intenational Aikido seminar in Budapest (Hungary)
Intenational Aikido seminar in Rakovnik (Czech Republic)
Hombu training in Tokyo (Japan)
Aikido seminar in Ufa (Russia)
Aikido seminar in Moscow (Russia)
Aikido seminar in Magnitogorsk (Russia)

Upcoming events 2015

Introductory Aikido seminar in the Basque Country (Spain)

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